Cobb Cycling V-Flow Max Saddle

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Type: Saddles
Vendor: Cobb Cycling


Test saddles are available for this model at our shop. If you would like to try this model before purchasing it do not hesitate to get in touch with us at 0117 9273444 or

The V-Flow Max saddle is the newest offering from Cobb Cycling, and brand new to the UK. It continues the line of rider friendly saddles developed with the thought of comfort and speed. The newest seat was developed by John Cobb for maximum rider comfort for both Triathlon riding and road riding. The lowered nose section combined with the deep cut pressure trough will relieve pressure in the prostate/perinea area for men and the soft tissue area for women. The narrow rear section comes from the extremely popular and successful V-Flow series but is made with an all new higher density foam. Ongoing tests have shown that a harder saddle foam is more comfortable over longer distances, Cobb developed a new foam that will save weight while adding comfort. The seat rail design of the new Max seat will also make it much easier for rider to achieve the proper seat setback for U.C.I. races. With one of the longest rail lengths of any of the "triathlon" type saddles, the max will easily be adjustable to find the ultimate in positions. 

  • Higher density memory foam than the V-Flow Plus for improved long distance comfort
  • Thin rear profile ideal for aero riding position
  • Specially formulated memory foam gives day comfort maintains blood flow
  • Relief design helps eliminate numbness
  • Unisex design
  • Extra long rails give massive range of adjustability
  • Ideal saddle for long distance triathlons and time trial.