X-Bionic "The Trick" Ladies Bibshorts - Black and Pink

Vendor: X-Bionic


Cycle longer and faster without overheating: The Trick® by X-BIONIC® makes that possible.

Your circulation always directs your blood supply where it needs to go. X-BIONIC® THE TRICK® Bib Shorts does that same thing with your sweat. For maximal thermoregulation while biking. Because whoever doesn‘t overheat has extra power for top performance.

Along the length of the spine in the X-BIONIC® THE TRICK® Bib Shorts is an insulating pad. It simulates the body overheating and allows early sweat production to kick in. Once sweat is being produced, it is then transported across the shirt to areas where there is extra surface area built in to evaporate. These areas of evaporation are designed to be in areas which produce the most heat, thus speeding the process along further.

The Endurance4000 FX Bike Pad is anatomically formed and fits the female anatomy perfectly. With it, pressure is removed from sensitive capillaries and nerves. It is not simply sewn onto the pant as traditional bike pads are. Instead, X-BIONIC® leaves off the chamois during the manufacturing of the pants and then sews it in separately by hand so the fit and elasticity of the pad is not affected by the pant material. This guarantees fit and comfort never before experienced.