Bike Science choose Kuota bikes for their great value, high performance and ability to offer custom builds at a range of price points. Passion, functional design, new technology an eye for beauty and a deep practical understanding of the demands of cycling. These are the elements that combine to create every Kuota Bicycle. Kuota’s carbon fiber products are the result of an in depth creative process that starts at Kuota’s headquarters within Sintema Sport, Albiate Italy. A product starts begins life as an idea. The idea becomes a sketch and then evolves through the use of CAD 2 and 3 dimensional computer rendering. The development continues with the creation of prototype molds that will manufacture individual preproduction models for laboratory and independent testing. Then the “black” prototypes hit the road for some real world stress… It’s a long and sophisticated process that involves existing technology and, as we push the boundaries of performance, frequently requires new technology in both production processes and material engineering.

Our unique sizing and fitting process ensures that each Kuota bike supplied by Bike Science is exactly tailored to the riders specific needs. Every bike purchase includes a FREE Level 1 static bike fit, or half price Level 2 Retul motion capture bike fit to ensure the best possible ride. Contact us for more details or view the range below.