Bespoke built at Marco Bertoletti's factory near Bergamo in northern Italy. Each frame is custom made to the exact requirements of the rider. Marco's unique construction techniques allow the ride and handling of each frame to be "tuned" to suit rider preferences, so whether you're a pro racer or a Sunday leisure rider we'll build your bike to suit you - perfectly. Custom geometry, cable routing, seat post type. bottom bracket type, ride, handling and paintwork available on all models.

Our unique fitting process involves using the Retul infra red motion capture system to help determine rider position during the design stage of the frame. Once the final bike is complete, a further Level 2 Retul bike fit ensures the best possible riding position to suit your chosen discipline and riding aspirations. All bike fitting costs are included in the price of the frame. Complete bespoke bikes to any specification built to order.

Legend HT 9.5HT 7.5 and HT 5.7 bikes are available for test ride in our Bristol Bike /fit Studio