Bike Science North East

Use the booking calendars to make a booking at our North East Studio booking below. Available slots are shown in GREEN

North East - Level 1. 2D Bike Fit - £89.99

Our Level 1 static fit uses traditional static fitting methods. Ideal for more novice riders aiming at a comfortable position, or enough time to use the fitting jig to investigate geometry options for a new bike purchase

North East - Level 2. Retul 3D Bike Fit

Off Peak Bookings (week days) - £149.99

Our Level 2 dynamic fit uses Retul 3D motion capture technology to ensure the most accurate level of fit available. Ideal for competitive riders, or those struggling with a persistent injury. Every aspect of rider motion on the bike is considered

Peak Time Bookings (Saturdays) - £184.99

North East - Level 3. Retul 3D Bike Fit - £259.99

Our Level 3 dynamic offers the same level of service as the Level 2 fit, but is for ONE RIDER with TWO BIKES(TT, Road or MTB)

North East - Level 4. Retul 3D Bike Fit - £279.99

Our Level 4 dynamic offers the same level of service as the Level 2 fit, but is for TWO RIDERS with ONE BIKE EACH(TT, Road or MTB) 

Bike Science North East- Facilities

Retul 3D Motion Capture Tecnology

The Bike Science North East bike fit studio is equipped with a state of the art Retul 3D Motion Capture system and Retul Zin bike measurement tool. Like no other system before it, Retul enables bike fitters to take accurate dynamic measurements of rider motion while the rider is pedalling under realistic loads. 3D tracking allows measurement of all significant body angles and frontal plane knee motion to be measured to accuracies of less than a mm. Bike Science Tunbridge Wellis equipped with their own state of the art adjustable fitting bike to allow riders to try any bike for size before they purchase. For a full description of the advantges of the Retul system GO HERE.

North East Fitter

All fits at Bike Science North East will be performed by Retul certified fitter Andy Sedgwick.

Andy has been involved in cycling from the early 90's and then started competing in triathlons around ten years ago. He has raced at national and international events over varying distances and has represented Great Britain at age group level and raced the illustrious Abu Dhabi International Triathlon in 2011. Andy also competes in road races and local crit and TT's.

Andy is coach at the recently formed Darlington Tri Club, is a qualified Biomechanics Trainer, Sports Massage practitioner and British Cycling advanced mechanic. Andy is a Retul certified bike fitter and has trained extensively with Bike Science head fitter Andy Sexton.