Assos Legwarmer EVO_7

Vendor: Assos


One of the most useful items of cycling clothing you'll ever own! The legWarmer_evo7 is part of the new generation of Assos evo7 warmers. Though often overlooked, it is the small pieces of your kit that have the most uses.

These new leg warmers give you the flexibility of maximum warmth with minimal weight, perfect for cold mornings, protection from wind chill on those long descents, or the cooler days of fall, spring and early winter. They can simply be taken off and placed in a jersey pocket when not needed. Improved cut, fit and performance, using technologies and experience gained from other products in the Assos range.

Using the medium weight version of the Assos RX material means that these leg warmers strike a balance between warmth and fit. The fleece-like material keeps your legs warm on those autumn, spring and early winter days without being too bulky. On top of that, to protect you from showers, Assos have used their WR (Water Resistant) treatment on all the material to shed water and keep you riding longer.

Taking the experience gained from their ever popular W15 tights Assos added the same anatomic cut to the rear of the leg. This means that you have freedom of movement without the leg warmer slipping. An added plus is the elastic material used (RX Light) increases breathability.

Assos have always believed in breaking with tradition but sticking with what works. The curved top fits perfectly to the shape of your hip, held in place by your short, meaning not only added protection higher up, but greater comfort.

  • RX Medium water repellent fabric
  • Anatomically cut rear of leg
  • Curved upper leg for added comfort and protection
  • Left and right leg specific
  • Added reflectors