Continental Grand Prix 4 Seasons (Vectran+DuraSkin) Folding Road Tyre

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Type: Tyres
Vendor: Continental


The Continental Grand Prix 4-season exploits all of the best Continental materials with an intelligent strategy of tear resistant Duraskin mesh from bead to bead and maximum grip silica rubber compound. This great team of materials leads to a tyre of epic performance. The Grand Prix 4-season tyre is a must have tyre for those who ride long distances for winter and summer use.

  • Two Vectran anti punctures beneath the thread, for maximum protection.
  • Features tear resistant Duraskin mesh from bead to bead.
  • Includes Maximum grip silica compound.
  • Offer superior strength and durability for year round usage.
  • Weight: 205g (23mm)
  • Tyre bead: Folding.
  • Maximum pressure: 120psi.
  • Colour: Black.