Gift Voucher - Bike Science Precision Bike Fit

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An ideal gift for the cyclist in your life (or treat yourself to one and use it whenever you want). Gift vouchers available for each of our levels of bike fit. Vouchers can be used at any of our Bike Science fitting studio LOCATIONS and are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. For a full description of each level of bike fitting service GO HERE. Rider's can bring their own bike or bikes, or the fit can be used to determine the most suitable new bike for those looking to purchase.

  • Level 1 fit - Our best value option using traditional static bike fit techniques
  • Level 2 fit  - Our most accurate fit option,. Ideal for competitive or long distance riders. Uses highly accurate Retul 3D motion capture to look in detail at every aspect of rider interaction with the bike
  • Level 3 fit - For ONE rider with TWO bikes. The same service as a Level 2 fit, but for either one rider with two types of bike or two riders with a bike each
  • Level 4 fit - For TWO riders with ONE BIKE EACH. The same service as a Level 2 fit, but for TWO riders with ONE BIKE EACH