2018 Kuota KT03 TT/Triathlon Bike/Frameset

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The Kuota K-Factor takes experience and knowledge gained from working with pro athletes with countless international triathlon victories including the coveted Hawaii Ironman World Champs. The K-Factor is designed as an ideal triathlon race machine. It's taller front end geometry (stack height) and less extreme reach makes this bike a great choice for riders with long "runners" legs and short reach, or those looking for a less extreme, more comfortable aero riding position. Monocoque lightweight carbon frame with sleek aero tube shapes means this bike won't hold you back, no matter how tough the conditions. If you're looking for a triathlon race bike that delivers outstanding performance, comfort and great value, this is it!

Custom Built For Every Rider

Thanks to Kuota's unique customisation options we can offer all Kuota bikes with your choice of stem length, bar width and gearing. Expertly fitted by our highly trained bike fitters. Cables and bar tape can be colour matched, we can even put your name on the bike! Every bike purchase from Bike Science comes complete with FREE STATIC BIKE FIT or 1/2 PRICE RETUL MOTION CAPTURE BIKE FIT at any of our Bike Science locations.

For greater information regarding the specifications of each available complete build please consult the chart below:


Contact us to discuss sizing/fitting requirements. 

At Bike Science we are proud to provide fitting expertise from one of the UK's most experienced bike fitters. For every customer, we provide a pre-purchase sales consultation to best advise on a frame size and geometry that is best suited to the rider body type, flexibility and riding requirements. This session is FREE of charge and can be booked using the calendar below. Each client purchasing a bike from us received a free standard fitting or half price Level 2 Retül fitting when collecting their new bike.

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