Leomo Type-S Cycle Computer with Pro Sensor Kit (5 Sensors) - UK/EU Version

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Vendor: Leomo


The Leomo Type-S is a revolutionary new cycle computer based on the Android operating system. Along with all of the "normal" features you'd expect on a premium cycle computer, it also adds motion tracking functionality using a series of gyroscope/accelerometer sensors that are attached to the rider. This Pro Sensor kit includes 5 such sensors allowing tracking of pelvis (or torso), legs and feet. This information is distilled into measurements referred to as MPI's (movement performance indicators) allowing detailed analysis of both riding position and pedalling technique. A great tool for bike fitters and anyone attempting to improve pedalling technique.

Pre loaded with Leomo's own cycle specific app allowing display of MPI's whilst riding.

The Android operating system means that any future apps will be easily downloadable, plus you can use the Anriod Play Store to include any additional apps you want (you can even run Zwift on it!)

Contact us with any questions you may have as this is by it's nature a technical product.


 Package Includes

  • Leomo Type S Computer
  • 5 Leomo Motion Sensors
  • Multisport Mount
  • Charger Cube
  • Storage plate for motion sensors
  • Charger cable for motion sensors
  • 50 sticky patches for attaching motion sensors to legs and body
  • Two clips for attaching motion sensors to shoes

Additional Items you Will Need that are NOT included

  • A Handlebar mount. We recommend the K-Edge XL models
  • A USB Type-C Charger and cable (for charging the computer unit)