Profile Design V4+ Aluminium Aerobar

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The lower stack version of the Bike Science's favourite T4+. The simplicity and adjustability if these bars makes them a great first aero bar for any budding triathlete or time trial rider. Almost every aspect of the bar is adjustable helping the rider (and our bike fitters) to get the right fit every time. Lightweight alloy construction and super strong forged clamps.

  • The V-Series  reintroduces the classic low stack bracket and places the extension below the handlebar
  • By doing this a low-stack armrest position is achieved which many time trialists favour
  • The new extensions are ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable wrist position when mounted below the base bar
  • The V4 extension built on a variation of the T4+ extension bend has a higher rise with the same ergonomics optimized to improve comfort and reduce fatigue while maintaining an aerodynamic position
  • Low ride: Featuring the L1 bracket with a 35mm stack height when combined with the F19a armrest
  • 40mm extension rise is specifically designed for mounting below the Basebar
  • F19a armrests as standard
  • Weight: 500g