Qbicle Tangent Mudguard up to 700x25

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Type: Mudguards
Vendor: Qbicle


Some riders like to have the best and the coolest product available in a category. In the mudguard category that product has been designed by QBICLE and it’s called the Tangent Fender! Combining amazing style and precise function isn’t that easy but it has been achieved here. The Tangent Fender attached to the bike via a beautiful CNC machined and anodised bracket which fixes to the rear RH axle (looking from the rear). The elegant stay (currently only available in carbon in a 700x25) is then mounted to the CNC bracket, and finally the actual mudguard itself is fitted to the upper end of the stay and fixed in to place with the stylish fixing screws provided. Important note when fitting: the water that sprays from the tyre does so within a limited part of the tyres circumference. The Tangent Fender should be fixed in a position whereby this spraying water from the tyre is caught within the mudguard body. The reason you don’t need a longer length mudguard is because the channels moulded into the underside of the mudguard body actually channel the water out from the sides of the mudguard body, hence no spray up your back and no spray in your mates face! See the images to gain a clear understanding of how this amazing product works! Extra fittings are provided if you want to fit the Tangent Fender to the front wheel.