Rotor Q-Rings Road OCP/OCP3

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Upgrade your ride! Rotor Q-rings make your spin cycle smoother, make climbing easier on the legs and help reduce the build up of lactates during hard efforts. Rotor Q-Rings minimize the dead spots like reducing the size of a regular chainring, and give you more time during the pedal down stroke. This allows for a lower physical demand on your body, so you are able to ride longer with less fatigue and climb easier. Rotor Q-Rings change the equivalent tooth size by decreasing it before the dead-spots and increasing it when the rider is in the power mode (when more power is available at the pedal down stroke). A 53T Q-Ring, around the upper dead-spot is equivalent to a 51T, but as the pedal goes down and more strength is applied (just passed the maximum power moment), the equivalent chainring tooth size reaches 56T.

OCP3 and OCP3 rings are made for cranks that wont accept standard Qrings. SRAM 30mm axle (BB30) and ultegra/Durace  6700 series

  • Increased power output
  • Reduce knee stress
  • Smoother pedal stroke
  • Reduce the effects of the dead spot
  • Suitable for all riding disciplines
  • Compact and Standard Shimano rings kept in stock

Our Premium stockist scheme ensures that customers can ride a bike with Q Rings before they buy

Please download and read this 'guide to adaptation'