Free Level 2 or Level 2 Aero Fit with Every Cervelo Until May 31st 2018


We're proud to announce that the full range of Cervelo bikes are now available from Bike Science Bristol. Buying any bike is an investment, so to ensure that every rider gets the absolute best experience from their new ride, we're offering our Level 2 Retül or Level 2 Aero fit (for TT/Tri bikes) FREE with every Cervelo bike purchase until May 31st 2018.

Bike Science head bike fitter Andy Sexton performs all bike fitting at Bike Science Bristol. He has over 10 years of bike fitting experience having fitted thousands of clients from beginner to professional in this time. The Bike Science Level 2 fit process is the most detailed and thorough we can offer, with attention to detail beyond many more basic bike fits offered by our rivals. It is this attention to detail that makes the difference between a great fitting bike and a simply OK one. When investing in a premium product such as a Cervelo it goes without saying that we believe customers deserve this level of service.

Cervelo offer bikes to suit a he range of riders from those looking for an all day, relaxed ride to those looking to win Tour de France stages.

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