Bike Fit Training


Bike Science founder Andy Sexton offers bike fit training on a small group basis throughout the year. Andy has over 13 years of practical bike fit experience having worked with thousands of riders across a wide range of cycling disciplines and abilities from novice to professional. Bike fit courses are aimed at bike fitters, bike shop employees, cycle/triathlon coaches and medical practitioners.  Bike fit training is open to all, subject to the entry requirements detailed for each individual course. Individuals are welcome to attend any course or group bookings for shops, physio practices or clubs can be made by arrangement.

It is the intention to align each Level of fitting course with the new International Bike Fitting Institute framework. We are currently in discussions with the IBFI to determine which IBFI modules will be covered by each Bike Science Course. Details to follow.

Course 1. Bike Fitting Fundamentals


The “Bike Fitting Fundamentals” course offers attendees the opportunity to establish a solid foundation of bike fitting skills. Focusing primarily on road bike positioning, this course is an ideal start for those looking to introduce bike fitting into their business (whether this be in retail, coaching or medical) or those who simply wish to develop an interest in the subject. Techniques taught during the course involve use of simple hand tools and observations. No investment in electronic fitting “Systems” is the required. No prior bike fitting or mechanical knowledge is required, although an enthusiasm for cycling is of course beneficial.

  • Duration : 1 day (approx 8 hours)
  • Location : Dursley, Gloucestershire
  • Cost : £250 + VAT per person
  • Maximum teaching group size : 4 people
  • Entry requirement : None
  • Minimum age : 18
  • Next course dates - 15th February 2023 

Course Aims and Content

  • What is bike fitting?
  • Aims of a professional bike fit
  • Essential anatomical definitions
  • Development of a fitting process
  • Pre fit rider assessment
  • Simple assessment and measurement of rider posture and movement
  • Cleat positioning
  • Saddle selection and positioning
  • Handlebar positioning
  • Post fit reporting
  • The mechanics of bicycle adjustment
  • Providing pre-purchase sizing and geometry advice


Course 2. Advanced Fitting Skills


The "Advanced Fitting Skills" course builds on the skills leant in "Bike Fit Fundamentals" with the aim of developing bike fitters towards a professional level. Appropriate for bike shop staff, cycling/triathlon coaches and medical professionals who are intending on bike fit being a key part of their business. Learn advanced rider physical assessment skills and implications of the limits of rider mobility on bike fitting. Identification of rider asymmetry is covered in detail along with common rider patterns of compensation and bike fit correction strategies. "Live" bike fit clients are used to give fitters vital hands on experience. Road, triathlon and MTB bike fitting implications are studied.

Introduction of advanced fitting tools (Retül, Leomo, sEMG, gebiomized) with explanation of the advantages and limitations of each technology. Rider foot assessment is introduced along with shoe/cleat wedging techniques and production of custom footbeds. 

  • Duration : 2 days (approx 16 hours)
  • Location : Dursley, Gloucestershire 
  • Cost : £480 +VAT per person
  • Maximum teaching group size : 2 people
  • Entry requirement : Completion of Course 1. Bike Fitting Fundamentals (or equivalent IBFI Certified course)
  • Minimum age : 18
  • Next course dates - 16th, 17th February 2023

Course Aims and Content

  • Advanced pre-fit assessment
  • Implications of rider mobility issues on bike fitting
  • Rider asymmetry and associated fitting strategies
  • Long term development of rider position
  • Implications of crank length changes
  • Use of advanced bike fitting tools. Advantages and limitations
  • In the shoe and external cleat wedging techniques
  • Manufacture of custom cycling footbeds
  • Rider stance width assessment and bike fit actions
  • "Live" client practice 

Course 3. Aero Bike Fit Specialist

Full details to follow.

Aero fit specialist. TT/Tri bike fitting skills. Retül, Leomo, gebioMized, BioRacer Aero. Selection of crank length. Outdoor testing and CdA measurement. Helmet and clothing selection. Sustainability and rider stability.
  • Duration : 2 days (approx 14 hours)
  • Location : Dursley, Gloucestershire 
  • Cost : £480 +VAT
  • Maximum group size 2 people
  • Entry requirement : Completion of Course 2. Advanced Fitting Skills (or equivalent IBFI Certified course)
  • Minimum age : 18
  • Next course date (on application - contact for details)