Shoe Fitting

From our bike fitting experience here at Bike Science we realise the importance of well fitted shoes. Poorly fitting shoes are one of the most common problems we see during our bike fitting appointments. Badly fitted shoes can lead to foot pain, numbness, hot foot, knee pain and even pain in the rider's back and pelvis.

We have chosen to work with shoe suppliers Fizik and Lake Cycling in order to be able to offer a wide range of fit options and shoe types. We are happy to supply any of their ranges of road, mtb, winter and commuter shoes.

Our Shoe Fitting Process


This service is free of charge for any customer purchasing shoes form us.

Our shoe fitting process begins with a detailed assessment of the riders foot. We measure both length and width of the feet, assess overall foot volume and shape as well as assessing other foot issues that may be causing pain such as bunions.

Our shoe suppliers offer a huge range of fit options including custom fit for both regular, narrow and wide feet as we appreciate no two riders are ever the same.

Foot Assessment

We then select shoes that fit the riders foot, riding style, pedal preference and budget.

NOTE:- Due to the huge range of shoe sizes, colours, shapes and styles we offer, we will often obtain shoes for our customers to order and do not hold stock of every make, model, colour and size. This will often mean that shoe fitting takes place over the course of more than one appointment.

Custom Shoe Fit : Heating and Shaping

Once a suitable, comfortable pair of shoes has been found (and custom moulded where applicable), Sidas full custom footbeds can be created to further enhance foot comfort. A full custom insole offers the optimum level of support for the rider's foot, improving comfort and improving joint alignment. We offer insoles at half retail price when purchased with a pair of shoes.

Cleat Fitting and Wedging

Cleats to suit your chosen pedal system are then fitted to your new shoes and positioning accurately. Wedging using a combination of in the shoe or external cleat wedges can be used where applicable.

What should you bring to your shoe fitting...

  • Your old cycling shoes (if available)
  • Socks - Bring your favourite cycling socks!
  • Your Bike (for cleat positioning)
  • Cycling shorts
  • Jersey or T-shirt

A Note on Internet Price Matching


Our expert shoe fitting service is free of charge for any customer purchasing shoes from us. We feel this helps guide customers into achieving the best possible result from their shoe purchase. The process can often take in the region of 1.5 to 2.5 hours. Because of this we only offer shoes at full manufacturers RRP (unless advertised at sale price on this website). Please respect the fact that we are not able to offer internet price matching in conjunction with this service.

Custom Colours


A number of models in the Lake cycling shoe range are available in custom colours. Ideal for coordinating with kit of cycling teams or if you're looking for something totally personal and unique. Either dream up a design of your own, or use the Lake Custom configurator to map out a design. Contact us for further details.

Make a Booking


Too book a shoe fitting appointment at Bike Science Bristol, please use the calendar below.