I'm often asked what bike fitting "System" Bike Science fits use. The answer is, that all fit "systems" are simply tools for assessing some part of rider movement, motion or performance during a bike fit, in the same way that a ruler, spirit level or tape measure is a tool. Bike Science fitting methods and techniques have been developed over a long period of time and new tools and techniques have been introduced over the years as they become available, relevant and useful in a practical fitting environment. Each fitting will involve use of a combination of different tools and technologies depending on relevance and the level of bike fit selected.

Here is a summary of our current bike fitting tools and technologies.



Observation is always the single most important skill of any bike fitter. The ability to observe and problem solve comes from experience. Bike Science fitter Andy Sexton has been bike fitting for over 15 years and in that time has helped thousands of riders of all levels from complete beginner to professional athlete. Few fitters in the world can bring this level of experience to a consultation.

Level of Service : All bike fit levels


Hand Tools



In these days of high tech bike fit wizardry it's easy to overlook tools such as rulers, spirit levels, laser levels and goniometers (think a large scale protractor). Used correctly though, simple tools can offer a powerful insight into rider movement and positioning.

Level of Service : All bike fit levels


Retül 3D Motion Capture



Bike Science are one of the UK's most experienced users of Retül motion capture, having been one of the first fit studios in the country to utilise the technology over 10 years ago. Our 3D motion capture system accurately measures and records rider movement in real time using a 3D infra-red camera.

Level of Service : All fits of Level 2 and above


Wahoo Kickr Power Trainer


Using a Wahoo Kickr trainer allows accurate control of rider power during a bike fit. By measuring at known power outputs we can be sure we're comparing "apples with apples" when it comes to changes in riding position.

Levels of Service : All bike fit levels


BioRacer Aero



BioRacer Aero is a tool that utilises "Green Screen" techniques to dynamically record changes in rider frontal area. Rider frontal area is a key component in assessing levels of rider aerodynamic drag. Drag and area data are projected live onto a screen within easy rider view. Using the BioRacer Aero system helps the rider understand the importance of body positioning and how it effects performance and helps the bike fitter make informed fitting decisions.

Levels of Service : Level 2 Aero and Pro TT/Tri fits





Leomo is a powerful data capture tool that utilises Inertial Measurement Units (gyroscopes and accelerometers) attached to the rider to measure both body movement and positioning. With these techniques detailed rider pelvis, leg and foot movement can be recorded and assessed. Leomo has the added benefit that it can be used out on the road to capture real world rider data. As a result of this we are able to offer indoor/outdoor bike fit services where positions can be tested under real world riding conditions as well as in the fit studio. This is key when it comes to studying the real world sustainability of riding positions (particularly TT/Tri positions).

Levels of Service : Indoors all bike fit levels. Outdoor testing in Pro Road and Pro TT/Tri fits only


gebioMized Saddle Pressure Mapping



Saddle pressure mapping uses a pressure sensing pad that is positioned over the saddle. The pad and it's associated software sample and record pressure experienced by the rider 200 times per second. This technology gives a very detailed insight into how the rider is interacting with the saddle during the pedal stroke. The system measures peak pressure, pressure distribution, total force supported by the saddle and allows analysis of how those pressure patterns change throughout the pedal stroke.

Levels of Service : All fits of Level 2 and above plus Advanced Saddle Fit


Sidas Custom Footbeds


Our Sidas custom footbed technology allows us to quickly and accurately manufacture custom cycling orthotics without the need for plaster cast templates. Custom footbeds promote foot stability and improve pressure distribution and foot comfort.

Levels of Service : Pro Road Fit and Pro TT/Tri Fit (included in price), all other fits (optional extra)


Surface Electromyography



Surface Electromyography is a relatively new technique when it comes to bike fitting and as such is currently only used by a small number of fitters throughout the world. Surface EMG measures levels of muscular recruitment by recording electrical activity in the muscles during activity using non-invasive sensors positioned on the skin. Imbalances in muscle recruitment patterns can either be caused by bike fit issues (such as foot instability or poor saddle selection) or be the cause of bike fit issues (strength imbalances can be the cause of asymmetric positioning on the bike). By studying how key muscle groups are utilised during rider movement we can gain insight into how bike fit decisions influence muscle firing patterns. sEMG is also a useful tool for riders to re-learn pedalling technique in cases of asymmetrical movements.

Levels of Service : Pro Road and Pro TT/Tri Fits only


AeroPod Live Drag Measurement



Aeropod allows measurement of live rider and bike drag data in real world conditions. Using the Aeropod system we can study sustainability of riding positions and the relative performance benefits of both position and equipment changes. Using Aeropod allows us to assess helmet and skinsuit benefits out on the road in real riding conditions.

Levels of Service : Pro TT/Tri Fit only*

*Note rider must have their own direct force power meter in order to make use of the Aeropod system.