Choosing the Right Bike

Whether you're a budding world champion, day to day commuter or just want to ride to get fit, it is my aim to guide you through your new bike purchase to ensure you get a bike that best suits your needs and fits perfectly. Whether you choose to but a bike by me, or prefer to buy online, the pre-purchase bike sizing consultation process will help you make the right choice when choosing your new bike.

Range of Bikes

I currently offer a wide range of bikes from a range of manufacturers and custom frame builders...

Van Nicholas




Legend by Bertoletti


3T Bicycles

Argon 18


The Process

Whether you're buying a bike from me, or would like pre-purchase sizing advice to able to buy online with confidence, each consultation starts with a conversation. I'll ask you to consider a number of points..

1. Budget

I will respect your budget and work to getting you the best possible bike to fit within that budget. My advice would be to consider how much you are prepared to spend on your new bike and stick to it! During a sizing consultation appointment I can clearly explain what you can expect for your money at each price point and the relative merits of components and frames at those prices.

2. What do you want to do on your new bike?

The more detailed a description you can give me of your intended use for the bike, the better I'll be able to advise you

  • Are you racing, riding sportives, commuting, touring?
  • Do you want to be able to ride road, off road or a combination of both?
  • Do you want to use the bike all year round or is it a bike for a specific season?
  • Do you need to be able to carry a load on the bike (touring, commuting or bike packing)?

If you're a more experienced rider, you will likely have some more detailed requirements.

  • What is the maximum tyre size you'd like to be able to use?
  • What crank length, handlebar width and gear ratios do you prefer?
  • Do you want a bike with disc brakes or rim brakes?
  • Do you want tyres with inner tubes, tubeless or tubular tyres?
  • Do you have existing race wheels you'd like to be able to use?

If you don't know the answers to any of the above, fear not. I'm here to help guide you through the entire process.

3. Sizing and Fit

As one of the U.K's most experienced bike fitters, I am expert in helping customers choose the right size and shape bike for them. I say size and shape because there's more to selecting a correctly fitting bike than just deciding on a nominal size for the frame in cm's.

Rider body proportions

All riders are different. Each rider will have unique body shape, dimensions, strength and flexibility and posture that will determine what size and shape of frame suits them best. Riders with longer legs relative to their torso will generally find bikes with shorter reach and taller stack more comfortable and efficient. Riders with shorter legs and longer backs will need bikes with longer reach and lower stack. Riders with less flexible spines will generally require bike with shorter reach.

Key Bike Dimensions

Throw into this mix that each rider will have a different level of flexibility, injury history and usage requirement for their bike and the choice can become even more perplexing.

My sales advice process involves every customer visiting for a "sizing appointment" on an adjustable fitting bike. During this session I can use the fitting bike to exactly replicate the geometry of any make, model, size or type of bike. This allows us to quickly compare different geometries to see which will work best for the individual customer. By taking some simple measurements from the rider during this session, I can be confident that the final bike will offer a riding position appropriate to the customer. The session also gives you, the customer a chance to feel and compare the differences between potential bike positions prior to purchase. The pre-purchase sizing session is useful and relevant regardless of the type of bike and/or level of rider. If buying a bike from me, there is no charge for this session and no obligation to purchase if I can't find a bike that you'd like.

4. Bike Build and Ongoing Maintenance

Every bike is built  and checked in my own workshop prior to customer collection. For every bike purchased from me I offer free ongoing gear and brake checks whenever required.

5. Bike Fitting

Upon collection of your bike each rider is offered a free standard bike fitting or can take advantage of my highly detailed Level 2 Retul bike fitting service at half the regular price. The bike fitting service will ensure that each contact point of the bike is adjusted to allow for a comfortable, efficient and appropriate riding position. I am now one of the most experienced bike fitters in the U.K with over 15 years experience and I personally fit every bike purchased. If a different length handlebar stem is required to ensure the perfect fit, then this is swapped at no charge, no matter what the price point of your bike.

CONTACT US today to discuss your next bike build, or book a sales consultation appointment using the calendar below.

If visiting for a pre-purchase sales consultation, please bring your cycling kit with you including the shoes you intend to ride with (trainers are fine if that's what you ride in). If you don't already own shoes and would like advice on the right shoe for you, then we are happy to advise during the session.