Made to Measure

Let us build a bike made just for you


Bike Science offer made to measure and bespoke bicycle frames to suit a wide range of riding styles and budgets. Combining the skills of one of the U.K's most experienced bike fitters with a number of master frame builders throughout the world allow us to offer the finest possible bicycles designed, built and fitted to your exact requirements. We offer builds in carbon, titanium, steel and aluminium. So whether you're looking for an out and out responsive race machine, all day comfort bike, cross bike, MTB or long distance tourer, why not experience the ultimate with a bike made just for you?

Why made to measure?

Off the peg frames are designed to fit "Mr or Mrs Average". Their mass produced nature means that they offer pretty good performance for what the designers and manufacturers of each brand consider to be the most likely customer for each available frame size. Assumptions have to be made by frame designers based on who they think might purchase their frames. Cheaper brands will often offer a very small range of sizes, meaning large compromises have to be made in order to achieve an efficient, relaxed and sustainable riding position. These compromises can often result in less than ideal handling and performance characteristics. Every rider is different. Each rider has specific fit, ride and handling requirements that are unique to them. Only a custom made frame can offer the truly unique experience that comes from a bike that fits and handles perfectly. Higher end "bespoke" frames may even offer custom made tubesets and joint construction to further tune the comfort and responsiveness of the frame to each individual rider requirements.

But I don't know what I need. What's best for me?

We have many years of experience fitting, building and riding custom made frames and are happy to spend as much time as you require offering advice regarding any aspect of your custom built bicycle. You can choose to purchase frame only and take your time building the bicycle to your own specifications, or let us handle the entire build process for you from frame design to component selection.

What's the Process? Where do I Start?

1. Rider Requirements

Each made to measure bicycle starts with a conversation. This is where we'll begin to get a feel for what the individual customer requires from their new bike. What will the bike be used for? How do you want it to ride? What frame materials have you considered? What do you want the bike to look like? What components will be fitted? What budget are you working to? This process can often take many weeks, but as a made to measure bicycle is nearly always a long term purchase it's worth getting the details right from the start.

2. Pre Design Fitting

Once the decision is made to go ahead with your new made to measure bicycle, you would be invited to visit us for pre-design fitting. During this process, our head fitter will assess your current riding position and discuss any improvements that could be made. Rider flexibility and strength are assessed before our Retül motion capture is used to measure and fine tune rider movement on the bike. Often if any larger changes are recommended to riding position we'd ask you to test these changes out on the road for a number of weeks before proceeding with the final stage of frame design. Fine tuning to the position and final measurements are then taken using our fully adjustable fitting bike.

3. Frame and Paint Design

Once rider position and fit requirements have been determined frame design commences. You are welcome to be as involved in this part of the process as you require. If you have specific geometry requirement this can be incorporated to alter either the look or handling of your frame. Geometry can be fine tuned to offer different handling characteristics as required.

Each frame builder offers different paint and graphic options. Often the most difficult part of the decision process, deciding on your colour and graphics scheme is the best way of stamping your own mark on the finish of your new bike.

4. Frame Manufacture

We're proud to work with some of the world's most respected and experienced frame builders. Each builder will take our final design and put it into manufacture using their own unique levels of craftsmanship, styles, technologies and techniques. You will be given an approximate timescale for the production. A number of our frame builders encourage factory visits for customers. We're happy to discuss this with you and help arrange visits where required.

5. Bike Build

If you require us to build a complete bike for you we can provide pricing for bikes of any specification. Groupsets can be from any manufacturer along with wheels from a huge range of manufacturers or hand built options to suit you. Finishing kits from a wide range of manufacturers are available. We are also happy to offer builds on new frames using your existing wheels and or components.

6. Fitting

On the day of collection of your new bike, a final fitting session will be arranged to ensure that the set up and fit are exactly as specified and that you are completely happy with the build before riding. Our location in Bristol offers us an ideal test track for your first ride and we're happy to accompany you if any tweaks to the build or set up are needed before taking your new bike home.


Our Brands


Legend by Bertoletti

Legend frames are 100% made to in Italy to order by world renowned frame builder Marco Bertoletti. Marco has over 30 years of experience in building frames for a wide range of clients from recreational to professional. Clients are welcome to visit the Legend factory in the small town of Bonate Sopra, Bergamo.

  • Lead time - approx 8-10 weeks
  • Carbon, Ti, Steel or Aluminium
Parlee Z-Zero Custom


Bob Parlee started Parlee cycles in the year 2000 with one aim - To build the best carbon bicycle frames in the world. Parlee offer full and semi custom frames for road, cross and triathlon

  • Lead time approx 12 weeks
  • Unlimited Paint Options