Join Our Coached Indoor Rides

Weekly indoor rides


Bike Science host a series of indoor coached training sessions.

It is possible to join in the rides no matter what indoor trainer set up you have.

Rides are held each Tuesday evening at 7:00pm BST

Next Ride : Tues 21st April 7pm BST with guest coach Katrina Matthews, Pro Triathlete and ITU European Middle Distance Triathlon Champion


Zoom Invitation Link for Coach Audio and Chat: Published on the day of the ride*

Zwift Workout File Download :  Published on the day of the ride*

* Follow Bike. Science on Facebook or check this page

Follow these guidelines to get up and running and join the "fun"

If you have a Zwift subscription and a smart trainer or power meter.


1. How to get an invitation to the ride

Download the Zwift companion app onto your phone or tablet. It's free of charge.

Next click on "More" in the lower menu, then select "Find Zwifters". Search for "", then hit follow. This allows us to send ride invites out to all followers. Ride invites will be sent out approximately 90 minutes prior to the ride each Tuesday. You'll need to accept your ride invite in order to join the ride group.

Our group rides use a Zwift feature that automatically keeps the group together no matter what their standards and power outputs. These sessions are suitable for ANY level of rider.

2. How to hear your ride coach

We use the Zoom to stream live audio during each session. First, download the Zoom app on your phone or tablet (it's free and can be found in the Apple App store or Google play store). Each week, we will publish a fresh link to a Zoom meeting with a password on our Facebook page (this will be sent out at the same time as the ride invite on the Zwift companion app). Follow us on Facebook to receive the link. Simply click on the Zoom meeting invitation link to join and input the password when prompted. I'd suggest starting Zwift and Zoom at around five to seven before the ride starts to make sure you can hear properly.

IMPORTANT NOTE : Zoom is a TWO WAY chat system. Do feel free to ask questions during the session, but in order to stop everyone, from hearing everyone else please mute your microphone (by clicking the the Mic symbol at the top of the page on Zoom) unless you need to make a comment or ask a question. If people don't have their microphones muted, then all you'll hear is heavy breathing for the majority of the session! The ride coach has the ability to mute everyone. Don’t get offended if they do this, simply turn your mic back on when you need to say something.

3. Download the Zwift workout session

Each week we'll publish a different workout that can be followed in Zwift. If you have a smart trainer, you can use the trainer "Erg" mode function and your trainer will automatically adjust itself to keep you at the target wattage. If you are using a power meter rather than a smart trainer, then Zwift will display target Wattages, but you won't be able to use the "Erg" function to hold you at the Wattage target. A link to the workout file will be published on our Facebook Page 90 minutes prior to the ride.

NOTE: If you're going to use the Zwift workout files you MUST ensure that you have  performed an FTP test in Zwift in order to set your Functional Threshold Power value. The difficulty of each session is set as a percentage of your FTP.

There are instructions of how to save the custom workout file to your Zwift profile ON THE ZWIFT WEBSITE HERE

4. Start Zwift and Get Ready to Ride

Once you've started Zwift and are on the main home screen, select "Training" from the centre menu.

Now navigate to 'Custom Workouts".

If you've managed to download the custom work out file for that evening's session and correctly save it into your Zwift Workouts folder, you'll now be able to see the session. Select it (make sure you select the correct one for that evening as you may have previous sessions still in the same folder). Ensure your FTP Value is set correctly and check the"Use ERG mode" button if you're on a smart trainer. Now hit workout. You'll go back to the main menu. Just hit "Ride". Once you're into a Zwift world, at 5 minutes to go before the ride start you'll see a button appear in the bottom left corner asking you to join the "Meet Up". Press this button and you'll be taken to the start of the ride. Keep turning the pedals and wait for the countdown. From that point on, follow the on screen prompts to change effort and listen to the Discord voice channel to hear your coach.

If you have a Zwift subscription and a Classic Trainer or Rollers

If you don't have a start trainer, you can still use Zwift. All you'll need is a rear wheel speed sensor in order to send speed information to the Zwift software. Speed sensors generally transmit information using either Bluetooth or Ant+.

If you are using a phone to run Zwift, you'll either need a Bluetooth speed sensor (which will pair directly with your phone via Bluetooth) or an Ant+ speed sensor and an Ant+ receiver "Dongle" for your phone. 

If you are using a PC or Mac to run Zwift, I'd recommend using an Ant+ speed sensor and purchasing a USB Ant+ Dongle for your computer.

NOTE :- if using Ant+, a phone Ant+ Dongle is NOT the same as a USB Ant+ Dongle for PC/Mac

Zwift can produce estimated power for a number of popular Classic trainers. When connecting your speed sensor, you'll be asked what trainer you have. Simply select yours from the list. If your trainer isn't listed, then you should select the model that is the most mechanically similar to yours. NOTE - If your trainer is not listed, you will not get an accurate measurement of power output, so pay no attention to your Zwift power readings. Once you're all set up on Zwift, follow the instructions above to hear the coach for the session and load the custom workout file into Zwift.

If you don't have a Zwift subscription

If you don't subscribe to Zwift, you can still join in with the session by listening to guidance from the coach throughout the session on Zoom. You'll be given power output targets as a percentage of your FTP (for power meter users), or "Perceived Exertion" targets if you're simply riding the trainer with no sort of power measurement. Simply follow the instructions above to join live stream coaching in the Zoom meeting. The live stream will be online at approximately five minutes before the start of each session.



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