Road and Mountain Bike Fitting

A personalised service with one of the UK's most experienced bike fitters. Bike Science's fit services are suitable for all levels of rider from beginner to pro. Improve comfort, reduce injury risk and optimise performance by booking your bike fit today.

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TT/Triathlon Bike Fitting

Triathlon and Time Trial specific bike fitting with on of the UK's most experienced fitters. Whether you're aiming at your first event or a world title our specialist aero fits will help bring your performance to the next level.

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Custom Bicycles

From initial consultation, fitting to final build, every bicycle is lovingly specified and crafted to suit your exact requirements. Select from a wide range of quality brands, from hand built bespoke frame builders to great value off the peg options.

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Shoe Fitting

A well fitted cycling shoe will improve cycling performance and reduce foot pain. With shoes to fit every type of foot we're here to help you ride pain free!

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Saddle Fitting

Advanced saddle pressure measurement combined with a huge range of carefully selected saddles ensure the best possible chance of selecting the right saddle for you.

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Bike Fitting Courses

Learn the art and science of bike fitting with one of the UK's most experienced fitters. Suitable for all looking to incorporate bike fit services into their work or business

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Aero Testing

Combine accurate aerodynamic testing with a bike fit for your ultimate race performance. Aero testing allows real world performance gains from positional and equipment changes to be assessed in real time.

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  • "I have had a custom shoe fit with Andy and found his level of service and product supplied to be of the highest quality and integrity. His attention to detail on our two bike fits is amazing and already feels like a game changer for me in my enjoyment and performance on my bike. Thanks Andy."

  • "I previously had a full bike fit from Andy, which was fantastic, but recently decided to change my saddle so contacted Andy for a Level 2 saddle fit including pressure mapping. An excellent process and made a huge difference, saddle comfort was becoming a limiting factor on my cycling. But now the limit will just be my fitness. Would fully recommend Andy for any sort of bike/saddle fitting."

  • "With more than 20 years riding a bike since I was 8 years old... I was really impressed with Andy's knowledge and the way he explains all you need to know to set up a bike correctly. Definitely will go back for the next bike fitting course as soon as I can. Highly recommended."

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