Bike Brands

As the owner of Bike Science I can choose to work with the finest bicycle brands in the world in order to bring clients the chance to ride a bike that is truly built for them. Each bicycle is built personally by me in my own workshop meaning I can ensure the best possible build quality and workmanship. All bikes are built to order to fit and suit the needs of the individual customer. I specialise in custom build road, time trial and triathlon bikes with components and wheelsets from a huge range of manufacturers.

Our current range of frame and bicycle suppliers are...

Legend by Bertoletti

Legend by Bertoletti

Legend are hand built and made to measure by renowned frame builder Marco Bertoletti in his factory in Presezzo, Northern Italy. Marco is unique as a frame builder offering frames manufactured from Titanium, Carbon Fibre, Steel and Aluminium. With over 30 years experience as a frame builder, Marco's frames are known for their fabulous ride quality and rock steady handling. All frames are built to the customer's own requirements, so no matter the type or style of bike you're looking to create, Marco can build the right frame for you.

Parlee Cycles

Founded in the 2000 by Bob Parlee, Parlee cycles have a single aim in mind, to build the world's finest carbon fibre frames. Parlee now offer both off the peg and made to measure road, gravel and triathlon frame sets. Complete bikes can be built to any specification to give you, the rider a bike that suits you perfectly.

3T Bikes

3T Bicycles

3T offer road, gravel, e-bike frames and complete bikes. Their range of frames and bicycles covers a wide cross section of price points with a combination of manufacturing locations from the Far East to Presezzo near Bergamo in Northern Italy.

Enve Composites

Enve composites now bring their decade of experience in carbon fibre wheel and component manufacture to the construction of their all new race and all road frames. Manufactured in the USA to the highest possible specifications, Enve frames offer comfort and speed that surpasses any other off the peg frame. 

Argon 18

Argon 18 are a Canadian based brand with a long heritage of building some of the world's fastest triathlon and time trial frames. Their range also includes super light road frames, all round endurance road frames and ultra fast gravel bikes. Custom bikes available from Bike Science to any specification.


Swiss brand BMC create off the peg geometry road frames and complete bikes to suit all riding styles including endurance road, race performance, triathlon, time trial, gravel and MTB. Their bikes cover a wide range of price points from great value machines all the way up to their "Masterpiece" considered by many to be the finest road frame ever produced.

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