Ladies Night #2

All you need to know if you missed it!


The brilliant Hana Ricketts started us off. Hana rides for Radeon - Bike Science Race Team. Here’s what she has to say about cycling: 

“If I am being honest, I started riding a fixed gear bike 4 years ago to get me home after a night out drinking with friends. I had no idea that I’d end up getting another bike, doing some races, joining a club and eventually racing. 

I know that I am super lucky to have the network of people and all the support and encouragement I do and I’d like to think that I am actively giving back.

For anyone getting into cycling, already riding but looking for a bit of a challenge, or perhaps already competing but looking to swap disciplines, consider the following:

  • Join a club – if you’ve been riding a little while but you’re looking for new routes, people to ride with, events or just a bit of a social, joining a club is a great way to gain confidence riding. When I joined Bristol South Cycling Club I struggled to keep up with the slow group, then gradually worked up to riding out with the intermediate group and back with the slow group, until eventually I could ride in the intermediate comfortably (minus the hills, but they wait!). It gave me the confidence to go and ride with anyone after that, it’s not a race and the skills I learned riding with others was fantastic – the cake stops are also worth going for!
  • Get inspired – They’re amazing but I don’t get very inspired watching the GB team win medals, I’m more likely to go and hop on my bike because of a post on Instagram from one of these rad ladies; julietelliott, Lapsandlanes, thecurlycyclist, fzashni, gofastergaby
  • Time trials – they’re simply a race against yourself on your bike at your speed. No start line pressure, no intervals, just you and the clock….. and some cake at the end. Bristol South put on a Classic League every Wednesday around Chew Valley Lake, which is handicapped – it’s an 8.3 mile course so nothing too crazy!
  • Race – we keep asking for more women only events, but if we don’t sign up and take part then they simply cannot afford to. If you’re worried you’ll get dropped, someone else is thinking just the same. In the Bristol Grand Prix as far as I know I was the only cat 4 that turned up so it was no surprise when I got dropped , I rode the whole thing on my own but it could have been a totally different picture had there been another few cat 4s to ride with!
  • Ride with others – I met Janine from Triathlove on Monday and Tuesday morning and we went for a spin before work. It’s sooo much better riding with someone else! Oh and it was International Womens Day and she had a great idea to make it an annual thing – so hope to see you there next year!
  • Talk – women need to talk about women’s cycling! We were uncomfortable in kit, so they created women’s kit; we didn’t fit the bikes, so they created women’s specific bikes with a different geometry; we have saddle discomfort… it’s embarrassing, but it’s a HUGE problem and it’s not talked about enough. Share tips, advice and talk about things openly. I nearly stopped cycling because I thought I was the only one uncomfortable on the saddle.  A saddle fit is also recommended!
  • Enjoy yourself – I am a firm believer if you don’t enjoy it don’t do it. This should only be compromised if you are training for something, because then you have to do some hard work to get the enjoyment out of racing. However if you are really hating riding then take some time out and you’ll enjoy it so much more when you want to ride again."


Sarah Maplethorpe is a triathlete and a sports massage therapist who works from our Bike Science Bristol shop.

“Bristol, what an amazing city! I moved here two years ago from my home town of Lincoln and it didn’t take long for it to feel like home. I’ve always been fascinated by how the body works and alternative therapies, and as time went on I realised that my future was to continue helping people but in a different capacity. So after seven great years as a police officer I ended that chapter and started a new one by qualifying as a sports massage therapist. After working shifts for so long I still appreciate having my weekends free again and try and make the most of them by exploring this beautiful countryside. Massage is super to help keep you moving well and injury free – whether you race or just ride for pleasure it really helps look to look after your body.

I am really excited to be working with Bike Science and helping to organise the development rides from the store. I am keen to encourage cyclists of all abilities, ladies and gents to come along. We ride at the pace of the slowest rider and no one gets left behind. If needs be we form two groups to accommodate the more experienced riders.

Our first social ride was on 16th January and it was a huge success despite the freezing conditions! I hope to build a friendly cycling community from Bike Science where everyone feels welcome, and they know that on Saturday morning they can turn up and have someone to ride with. It’s also a great way to meet new people and gain confidence as a cyclist.

We have a Facebook group where we discuss possible routes and distances. I encourage anyone that is mildly interested to join the group! We meet Saturdays at 08:45 for a 09:00 start from Bike Science."


Kerrie Prescott from Yoga Body Zen Mind spoke with us about Mindfulness and what we can do to help stay “in the moment”. A small amount of meditation and mindfulness a day is proven to benefit both body and mind and is a great way to reduce stress.

Kerrie also showed us some Yoga Asana’s (poses) great for Cyclists.


Cat Cow

 Chair Pose to Forward Fold


Pigeon Pose

 Low Lunge


Legs up Wall Pose (restorative).


 Keep an eye out for our next evening talks and ladies nights – dates will be on the Bike Science website soon.




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