Fatto a Mano Da Bertoletti (Hand Made By Bertoletti) - A Trip to the Legend 2015 Range Launch

At Bike Science, we're lucky enough to be one of the only bike fitters in the UK to be able to supply Legend frames. Over the August Bank Holiday weekend, I was lucky enough to take a trip to the home of Legend bikes in Presezzo, Northern Italy for a preview of the 2015 range and a tour of the factory where Marco Bertoletti and his team craft the worlds finest bespoke bicycles.

Legend build frames in a unique way with a blend of the highest technologies, materials and traditional frame building techniques. As a result of which, each and every bespoke built Legend frame is a true masterpiece and a unique one off specifically built for the needs of the individual rider. Frames are available in steel, aluminium, carbon and titanium with prices starting from under £2k for a totally custom made frame set. The complete range of Legend frames can be supplied and fitted by Bike Science Bristol. Complete bikes or frame/fork only are available to order.

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Here's a run down of the range for 2015.

Carbon - HT 4.7

The HT 4.7 represents Legend's best value for money custom carbon frame. The manufacturing techniques and processes used are identical to the higher priced and higher specification frames, with the difference being an "off the shelf" tube set is used for construction to keep costs down. Geometry of every frame is customised for the rider and Legends "hand wrapping" process allows the ride and feel of each frame to be customised to suit the rider body weight, size and required frame feel. Paintwork is custom to suit rider requirements.

Carbon - HT 5.7


The HT 5.7 again uses an off the shelf carbon tube set. This time a higher specification carbon than the HT 4.7 brings lighter weight and a more responsive ride

Carbon - HT 7.5

The Legend HT 7.5 is the first carbon frame in the range to introduce a custom made tube set. The head tube, top tube, down tube and seat tube of the frame are built specifically for each individual rider. This allows Marco and his team of expert frame builders to tune the weight, ride and feel of the frame to each individual riders specific requirements. The rear triangle remains and "off the shelf" tube set to keep costs down. The Legend HT 7.5 has been our best selling Legend frame for the past 2 years as it offers an incredible level of custom made performance without the stellar price tag.

Carbon - HT 9.5

The Legend HT 9.5 is the benchmark against which all other high performance road frames should be measured. Every tube, including the rear triangle is hand made specifically to suit each riders needs. No rider weight limit on this frame means that a frame can be built and tuned for a 100kg sprinter or 50kg climber without loss of performance. I'm lucky enough to have one of these myself and can honestly say, I've still never ridden anything else that comes close to it in terms of out and out ride quality and speed.

Carbon - HT 10.0

The HT 10.0 is Legend's disc specific carbon frame. The frame utilises the new design one piece rear chainstay and dropout with specific frame reinforcement to cope with the higher braking stresses caused by disc brakes. Probably the frame we'd all pick if we're looking to future proof our ride!

Carbon - HT 11.5

A climbers bike through and through. Designed for riders seeking the lightest possible frame weight (rider weight limit) combined with race performance. A typical medium sized 11.5 frame tips the scales at around 820g without sacrificing responsiveness or comfort. The 11.5 features a tight 1k carbon weave and a new one piece chain stay and dropout. The new dropout design increases rear end stiffness whilst decreasing the overall frame weight even further.

Titanium and Carbon - Venticinquesimo

Without a doubt, the best looking bike on show! The Legend Venticinquesimo celebrates 25 years since Marco Bertoletti built his first frame. Custom made carbon main tubes are married to CNC machined titanium head tube, lugs and rear triangle. This is a limited edition frame with each one being individually engraved with a unique serial number. All welding is done by hand by Marco himself in a chamber filled with Argon gas to ensure no imperfections can form in the weld. Each joint is then smoothed by hand to ensure the finest possible level of finish. A true Italian beauty and the ultimate road frame.

Titanium and Carbon - Queen

The Queen frame is a true Legend classic and remains all but unchanged for 2015. The Titanium frame with integrated carbon seat post offers superb ride and handling with the ride quality of one of the worlds best titanium frames.

Titanium - Il Re (The King)

The Il Re frame offers the highest possible construction standards with a classic looking all titanium frame. Custom geometry and tube sets with the option for a CNC head tube to further increase front end stiffness and improve steering. The Il Re offers a sublimely comfortable ride and is ideally suited for long days in the saddle. Laser etched custom graphics to suit your requirements.

Watch this space for more on the steel and aluminium frame ranges and a factory tour!



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