Lucy Burgess Cycles in Corsica

Lucy Burgess of the Radeon-Bike Science Race Team recently had an adventure in Corsica. Here are her insights and some lovely photos.


6 friends including Lucy Burgess, Nicky Russell, Lisa Greenfield and David Kitchner from Radeon-Bike Science race team set off to undertake the Raid Corsica (a Parisian Audax) with Marmot Tours.


This amounted to 6 days in the saddle cycling 955kms and climbing 15,000 metres around the circumference of Corsica. We were all given an Audax card and had to get various stamps along the route to gain our medal at the end….It was a massive test of endurance along with being a lot of fun. It was the most beautiful island with some breathtaking views - one of Europe’s best kept secrets. We took on some amazing climbs including Vergio (1477m), with the climb starting at sea level and Bavella (1218m) which had an awesome descent. The Legend 11.5 felt at home out there - it just loved the mountains - a beautiful climbing machine and an amazing descender - what a bike!


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