BioRacer Aero - Virtual Wind Tunnel - Now at Bike Science Bristol

We're excited to announce a new level of bike fitting service now available at our Bike Science Bristol Location. Our state of the art bike fitting studio reaches a new level with the addition of the BioRacer Aero "Virtual Wind Tunnel" system.

Head fitter Andy Sexton is one of the U.K's most experienced triathlon and time trial bike fitters. Now he combines Retül motion capture bike fitting, over a decade of fitting experience and a new tool from BioRacer allowing real time assessment of a riders frontal area and the subsequent changes to aerodynamic drag.

The new Level 2 Aero bike fitting service includes an additional hour of fitting time allowing detailed assessment of how changes in positional set up and posture have a direct effect on performance. Riders can see live data detailing both wattage and time savings made as their position and posture are altered.

What's more, we're offering a 25% Discount on all Level 2, Level 2 Aero, Level 3 and Level 4 bike fittings throughout December - BOOK NOW TO MAKE 2018 Your Fastest Year Ever.

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