Q and A with Helena from TrueStart

We caught up with Helena Hills from TrueStart Performance Coffee to find out all about coffee and caffeine. 


What is Performance Coffee?

 It’s awesome coffee, perfectly caffeinated to give you a healthy energy boost with no crash.


 How is it different to other coffee?


You never know how other coffee is going to make you feel, because the caffeine content varies loads. It’s random, so you never know whether you’ll be wired after a coffee or need several more to wake you up! TrueStart ups your game – the caffeine level is reliable and consistent so you have the perfect amount for you every time. The result is a great natural boost without the crash or shakes.


 When should I have it?

 TrueStart is great before a run, on the bike (it works with cold water too!), to kick start your day or anytime you need a healthy energy boost.


 How did you come up with the idea?

 It was a couple of years ago, when my husband and I were training for an IronMan triathlon. We’ve always had coffee for a pre-training boost (much better than sugary energy drinks or pre-workout!) but I'm quite sensitive to caffeine, so was having heart palpitations out on the bike one day then nothing at all the next! It was making me really frustrated and I had no confidence that I'd be able to smash my training session.


In all honesty – I was just moaning about it to my husband, Simon. It was him that put two and two together – how much caffeine do we need for an energy boost? How much is not enough/too much before training? How much is actually in the coffee we're drinking? We started to look into it and found out about the massive variation in the caffeine levels in our cups of coffee. We honestly could not believe it! The unpredictable caffeine doesn't matter if you’re having a latte in a coffee shop, but it's entirely useless when you’re drinking it for a functional reason.


At the right level, caffeine increases endurance and improves mental focus so you can up your game in sport and life. So many people drink coffee now for a natural caffeine hit, the market is really moving away from traditional sugary energy drinks and synthetic caffeine pills. We knew we weren't the only people who would want a reliably caffeinated coffee! It took us 14 months to develop the product with our awesome team in Colombia. Fast forward a couple of years and we’ve packed in our careers to build TrueStart into the most action-orientated healthy energy brand in the world!



Amazing! So what’s next?

 #TeamTrueStart is spreading all over the world already and we’re on a mission to launch a million personal challenges. That means lots of free winter challenges to keep people active and motivated in the cold weather! We’re also launching three incredibly existing new products which our awesome customers have been involved with since day one – a box of single-serving sachets (already available), a real-food based TrueStart Coffee bar and a ready-to-drink shot of TrueStart. All with the perfect amount of caffeine to give you a healthy energy boost.

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