Bike Science Bike Fit FAQ's

What you need to know...

Q: What make a Bike Science bike fit different from all the other fits available?

A: At Bike Science we pride ourselves on our fit process. We aim to constantly develop the process to take advantage of the latest techniques plus the experience we've gained from fitting thousands of riders throughout the U.K over a number of years. We utilise highly accurate Retul motion capture in Level 2 (and above) fits to provide completely objective data on which to base fitting decisions. Each of our fitters is highly experienced in working with riders of all levels and abilities from novice to elite. Each of our fitters receives annual updates to their fit training allowing us to keep up to date with the latest techniques and fit methods.

Q: What's the difference between a "fit" and a "sizing"? Which do I need?

A: Before purchasing any bike, we recommend a "sizing" session. This session allows us to relatively quickly asses and advise which bikes are most suitable for and will fit the rider in such a way as to fulfil their comfort and performance requirements. It's a common misconception that a full blown Retul bike fit is necessary at this stage. In our view, a sizing session is a relatively simple task (taking around 45 minutes) without the need for the level of accuracy we aim for in our full fitting service.

A "fitting" aims to take an existing bike (either purchased from us as a result of a sizing session or one that the rider already owns) and optimise each of the contact points (cleats, shoes, saddle, bars, grips). The position and set up of each contact point will have a knock on effect on each of the other contact points. We start from the riders feet and work upwards. A good fit is all about the small details that work together to improve rider comfort, prevent rider injury and optimise performance.

What should I bring with me to a bike fit?

We'd ask you to bring the following items to your bike fit

  • Your bike! (unless you're coming for a pre-purchase sizing session)
  • Your shoes
  • Your pedals - we stock cleats for most pedal systems should yours need replacing
  • Bib shorts or a tri suit - These need to fit well to ensure we can take accurate measurements
  • Sleeveless jersey or base layer - we need to be able to see your shoulders for the most accurate measurement
  • If your bike has any kind of "integrated" stem or tri bar set up, please bring all spacers and fittings provided with the bike.
  • Please check stem bolts, seat post, saddle clamps and seat post clamps for corrosion prior to your fit to ensure that the bike can be easily adjusted during the fit process
  • If you've booked a session that includes our BioRacer Aero aerodynamic test session, please remember to bring the helmet you're going to race your bike in.

Q: What are the aims of a Bike Science bike fit?

A: The aims of our bike fitting process are simple. We aim to finish the fitting process with the rider comfortable, efficient, with good posture and in balance on the bike. We take into account the individual needs of each rider to ensure their riding position is tailored specifically for their level of experience, performance aspirations and injury history.

Q: Is cleat fitting part of the Bike Science bike fit process?

A: Yes. Accurate positioning of cleats is the foundation of every Bike Science bike fit.

Q: Do you use "wedges" and shims in your bike fit process?

A: We would use both Varus wedging and/or leg length shims where appropriate after thorough assessment of each riders' strength, flexibility, foot shape and cycling movement patterns.

Q: Do you stock stems of different lengths and sizes?

A: Yes. We stock stems in a large variety of lengths, clamp sizes and angles. These are available to purchase if required.

Q: My saddle isn't comfortable, do you offer test saddles to see if I can find one suitable for me?

A: Yes. Each fit studio offers a wide choice of saddles that are available for long term testing and purchase.

Q: What is the difference between a Level 2 fitting and a Level 2 Aero Fitting?

A: Our Level 2 fitting utilises the Retül motion capture system to assist the fitter in assessing rider movement whilst they are pedalling their bicycle under a controlled load. The Level 2 fitting is applicable to all types of rider and bike (road, touring, MTB, triathlon, and time trial). Our Level 2 Aero Fit lasts an additional hour and uses the BioRacer Aero software to asses how changes to bike set up and rider posture affect aerodynamic drag and the associated wattage changes for any given speed. The session allows our fitters to study how changes in set up are affecting frontal area and also give the rider the opportunity to see how changes in their posture will directly affect their times out on the road. The Level 2 Aero Fit is recommended for any rider using a time trial/triathlon type bicycle or road bike with aero bars fitted.

Q: Will a bike fit make me faster?

A: The million dollar question! There is a high probability that a good bike fit will make you faster, although it can often take many weeks for the rider to adapt to a new position and improvements to develop. If large changes to the riding position are recommended then your fitter will be able to advise you as to how to go about gradual adaptation to the new position and how long you can expect this to take.

Q: What types of bike do you fit?

A: We fit nearly all kind of bikes including road, time trial/triathlon, MTB, hybrids and even tandems!

Q: I have an injury, will your bike fit fix it?

A: Possibly! A good bike fit can significantly reduce the risk of injury whilst riding and can often fix long term riding discomfort. However, it's worth bearing in mind that in the case of a long term "chronic" injury it may often be the case that a bike fit in combination with off the bike strength, conditioning work and physical therapy may be necessary to solve the problem. An important skill for any bike fitter is to know when to refer a client on to a physical therapist.

Q: Can I bring my own bike or do you only fit bikes that you've sold?

A: Yes. You can bring your existing bike with you to be fitted.

Q: What if it turns out that the bike I have doesn't fit?

A: Whilst it is very rare that we meet clients who have bikes that are totally unsuitable for them, from time to time we will be faced with a bike that is too far from fitting that reasonable changes bars, stems and other contact points won't help. In these cases your bike fit appointment time can be used to advise on bikes that would be suitable for you.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: We ask for a 50% deposit at time of booking for any of our bike fit appointments or a £10 booking fee for bike sizing and sales consultation appointments. If you do need to cancel or amend your appointment, then our policy is as follows.

  • More than 24 hours notice - NO CHARGE
  • Less than 24 hours notice. Bike Fits - The 50% deposit taken at time of booking is not refunded unless the appointment is re-booked for a future date at the time of cancellation.
  • Less than 24 hours notice Bike Sizing and Sales Consultations - The £10 booking fee is not refundable and an additional charge of £10 would be required in order to book a further appointment
  • Missed appointment without notice - A Charge of the full price of the appointment

Whilst we don't like to charge for missed appointments, they can be extremely costly to us as a business. By making a booking you are accepting the terms of our cancellation policy.

Q: I had a bike fit from you and something isn't right, what should I do?

A: Whilst we make every effort to ensure that each rider is comfortable and happy at the end of their bike fit, on occasion riders may find that their new riding position is causing discomfort. On these occasions we would advise that you either stop riding or greatly reduce the intensity and mileage and contact the fitter who performed your fit as soon as possible. You will be invited back in for a check up appointment at no charge.