gebioMized Area 145 Cutout Road Bike Saddle

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Type: Saddles
Vendor: gebioMized


gebioMized offer a range of saddles designed using their extensive experience of dynamic pressure measurement. Their road/gravel saddles are categorised as either "V" or "T" shaped. "V" shaped saddles offer increased surface area through their mid section making them more suited to riders who tend to load their pubic bone area. "T" shaped saddles have their useable width towards the rear of the saddle, with a more slender mid section. This makes them suitable for riders who sit with their pelvis more upright and feel they load through their "sit bones" or ischium.

The gebioMized Area 145 saddle is categorised as "V" shaped suiting "Pubic Bone" loaders. If you ride in a relatively aggressive position and are perhaps a little stiff in your lower spine, the chances are you will be a "V" shaped loader. The "Area" models have slightly more rounded top surfaces than the "Sleak" range. This has a tendency to reduce peak pressures while offering a slightly less stable sitting surface.