Selecting the right saddle is key to improving rider comfort on the bike. Whilst the huge range of saddles on the market today make it almost certain that there's a saddle on the market to suit every rider, often finding the right one can be an expensive and laborious process. Our saddle fitting process aims to ensure each rider finds the best saddle for them without the need for purchasing multiple seats.

At Bike Science we offer a FREE saddle fitting service. All you'll pay is the cost of any saddle you purchase.

Our Brands

Bike Science Bristol offer an extremely wide range of saddles from Fizik, Selle Italia, Selle SMP, San Marco, Cobb and ISM. Our range include saddles suitable for road, triathlon/time trial, MTB, cycle cross, touring  and hybrid style bikes.

The Process

Our saddle fitting process begins with our bike fitter replicating your riding position on our adjustable fitting bike. In this way you are given the opportunity to test each saddle in a realistic riding position. We then prepare a large selection of saddles that are most likely to suit your chosen riding discipline (you'll often try up to 40 different saddles during a fitting session). We then begin a process of elimination. Our first run through the test saddles aims to eliminate any choices that are no better or worse than your current saddle. Once the first round is completed we then pair saddles at random and run through the remaining testers in pairs again with the rider choosing the best saddle from each pair. We then continue the process of eliminating saddles in this way until we reach our short list of the three to four best. We'll then ask the rider to put these in order of preference. The rider will then have their number one choice fitted to their bike and be given the opportunity to test it out on the road for two weeks*. If they are then happy with the test saddle, we exchange for a new model. If they don't like the tester after riding out on the road, then they can exchange for their next choice on the list. Again, the testing process is repeated until the rider is 100% happy with their choice. Appointments are forty five minutes in length.

*We charge full retail price for test saddles. The payment is fully refundable if no saddle is found that you are happy with. There is no charge for the saddle fitting service itself.


Please make a booking for saddle fitting at our Bristol shop using the booking calendar below or call us on 0117 9273444