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Garmin Vector 3s Single Sided Power Meter Pedal System

Garmin Vector 3s Single Sided Power Meter Pedal System

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Ride stronger, smarter, connected with the Vector 3S pedal-based power meter. Affordable, easy to install and pairs seamlessly with Garmin (and other third party) devices and apps.

Measures total power and a range of metrics to enable you to train more effectively. Sleek design provides greater cornering clearance and improved stack height for smarter ergonomics. With no pod, Vector 3 installs like any other pedal, so it's VERY easy to transfer bike to bike.

  • Battery life up to 120 hours
  • Fully integrates with the Garmin cycling ecosystem
  • Easy updates either through a paired edge/forerunner, or Garmin Connect Mobile
  • Will transmit power over BLE for indoor trainer applications
  • Single sided version means 1 power pedal and 1 normal pedal in the bundle
  • Weight: 324g



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