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ISM Adamo

ISM PL 1.1 Saddle

ISM PL 1.1 Saddle

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The ISM PL 1.1 saddle is an updated version, with new racing graphics, of ISM’s very popular Prologue saddle. Commonly used for road bikes and mountain bikes.

Like ISM’s other Performance Long saddles, the ISM PL 1.1 has the full 270mm length and generous 135mm rear great for riders who rotate back while climbing. The ISM PL 1.1 saddle has an increased level of padding, compared to the PL 1.0, making it an ideal saddle for riders wearing thin triathlon-style shorts or for those who want a softer ride.

Like all ISM saddles, the nose-less ISM PL 1.1 saddle has been designed to remove pressure from soft tissue to ensure maximum blood flow and no genital numbness so you can have a healthier and more enjoyable ride.



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